The Benefits of Using Presets in photography editing

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One of the great strengths of Adobe Lightroom is the ability to transform your photographs through presets. The editing process of photography is just as important as taking the photo in the first place, as a poorly edited photograph ruins the final look and effectiveness of the image. This is where presets come into their own, as they give you the chance to create a level of consistency in your images.

Consistency and Efficiency of presets

One of the most significant advantages of using presets in Adobe Lightroom is the ability to maintain a consistent look and feel across your photos. Presets are essentially a set of pre-determined edits and adjustments that can be applied to your images in a single click. This consistency is especially important for professional photographers or those with a distinct style, as it helps create a coherent portfolio. Whether you’re working on a series of wedding photos or a travel blog, presets ensure that all your images share a harmonious look.

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edited with the Journeys presets, by Chris Orange

Furthermore, presets save a tremendous amount of time and effort. Editing each photo individually can be time-consuming, especially when you have a large batch of images. With presets, you can achieve a consistent, high-quality result with minimal effort, which is a game-changer for both professional photographers and hobbyists.

Creativity and Inspiration through presets

Presets are not limited to merely replicating past editing choices. They can also be a source of inspiration. Lightroom offers a vast library of presets designed by professional photographers and editing enthusiasts. By exploring and applying various presets, you can learn new editing techniques and develop your creative skills. Presets serve as a great starting point for experimentation, helping you discover unique styles and effects.

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Speedy Workflow with presets

Photographers often deal with tight deadlines and large volumes of photos to edit. Presets are a lifesaver in such situations. They allow you to quickly process a large number of images while maintaining quality. This speedy workflow ensures that you can deliver your work on time without compromising on the editing process.

Learning and Customization

Using presets doesn’t mean giving up control over your editing process. In fact, presets can help you understand the intricacies of photo editing. By examining the adjustments made by a preset, you can learn more about the software and the nuances of editing. Over time, you can tweak and customize presets to fit your unique style, giving you a deeper understanding of the software’s capabilities.

Consistency Across Platforms

Adobe Lightroom Mobile, the mobile version of Lightroom, allows photographers to edit their images on the go. Presets created in the desktop version are fully compatible with the mobile app. This feature ensures that you can maintain a consistent editing style across various devices, which is essential for photographers who are always on the move.


Presets are not limited to any particular style or genre of photography. Whether you’re into portrait photography, landscape photography, or even macro photography, you can find presets tailored to your specific needs. Adobe Lightroom’s extensive preset library, coupled with the ability to create custom presets, makes it a versatile tool for photographers of all kinds.


Adobe Lightroom presets are a powerful and flexible tool for photographers. They offer consistency, efficiency, and inspiration in the world of photo editing. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, presets can help you streamline your workflow, maintain a consistent style, and discover new creative possibilities. So, unlock the magic of photography and harness the benefits of presets in Adobe Lightroom to take your images to the next level.