FUJIFILM XF10 travel camera review

You may think a food truck is a step down from a normal restaurant but in the case of Mobile Gourmet you’d be so, so wrong.

If i was in the market for a small, compact and fantastically easily usable with great image quality fast autofocus camera then i would buy the Fujifilm XF10. Okay it’s got all those things it’s and quick to use it’s so easy to kind of get used to and set up and it’s very fun to shoot with.

I can really recommend it for this kind of everyday travel, or maybe a second camera that you want to just stick in your bag and just take with you as  it’s just got so much going for it. Fujifilm have done a fantastic job with this XF10 and I absolutely love it. It’s been a really fun experience to use it’s got all these little things like the snapshot where you can basically set it up to zone focus for you so it either focuses two meters or five meters in front and that’s quite fun.

You can turn this dial and this dial will do a kind of a digital zoom which you know i would never use but it’s fun. It’s just the kind of camera that you can just take with you away as it’s so lightweight. I would shoot with this rather than my smartphone because smartphone sensors are tiny and so can’t render images like this can. It’s even got things like you can go to the back and with the touch screen choose your film simulations. You can flick through the film simulations with your finger and choose the one you want and off you go.

It’s also got the joystick so you can just move about choose your focus area and there you are you’re done i mean it’s got so much going for it for such a small camera.

The Fujifilm XF10 tracks pretty well actually i think for a camera that you know is compact and you know really reliant upon it’s auto settings. It does a fantastic job.

The XF10 is fast and responsive and i feel like it’s got great image quality. It’s got everything it needs to make it a really great travel camera.

It also has bluetooth on it so i was thinking that i would try to transfer a photo to my phone now i’ve not used it on this at all so it’ll be a good test to see how quick it is so in the speed it takes me to eat this biscuit let’s see if i can work it out – i’m trying to find it – where are you? It’s connecting…let’s choose an image – let’s go for that one – there it is on my phone well i do feel a little bit older now but it did work so yes it does that as well and i’m sure if you had it on seamless transfer it would seamlessly transfer as it says but you know personally i tend to just take the shots and then go home put them on my laptop and get them how i want them. But, you might be wanting to iInstagram them as you’re shooting on holiday or something so it does work.

It’s a great camera i can recommend it. I would buy it if i needed one. I think one of the great things about this camera is that you can just get things done quickly you know you can choose the snapshot which gives you i’m focusing between two meters and five meters so you can choose basically your zone focusing so yeah but with auto focus rather than manual so you are basically just saying everything that’s five meters away will be in focus so everything that’s two meters away will be in focus an i like that as a clever way of doing photography i like the touch screen on the back for two you know for taking photos and selecting functionality you can’t use touchscreen for your menus yet but you know it’s still a cool thing.

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