Nikon Zf camera looks very impressive in 2023

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The brand new Nikon Zf camera looks really retro and in my opinion, beautiful. My favourite sensor size is the 24mp full frame sensor as I think it produces the best of both worlds between high resolution and a more filmic look. The 50-100mp cameras can produce images that look too clinical for my tastes, and so the Nikon Zf sits in just the right place.

Nikon Zf Autofocus

The autofocus of the Nikon Zf looks very impressive, covering 299 focus points and up to 95% coverage of the sensor. It can identify people, cats, birds, car etc to make it easy to track your subject – very impressive for the Nikon Zf, which does remind me of a Fujifilm X-T3 in some ways. The looks of the Nikon Zf are similar to the Fujifilm, but that’s where it ends as the Nikon Zf is a very impressive camera when it comes to autofocus, which was never a strong point for Fujifilm cameras, until the X-H2 was released.

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Nikon Zf specs

The Nikon Zf boasts plenty of other new specs under the hood of it’s old school styling, and here’s a list of what you can expect if you purchase the camera:

  • Combines FM series heritage style design with FX-format performance
  • Captures high-quality 24.5MP images using a full-frame sensor
  • Powered by Nikon’s high-end EXPEED 7 image-processing engine
  • Surpasses semi-pro cameras with higher ISO (64000) for tackling low light
  • Dedicated monochrome settings, including FLAT and DEEP TONE
  • Vibration reduction with up to 8.0 stops compensation for handheld use
  • Focus Point VR and expanded AF area for sharper edge-to-edge coverage
  • Deep learning technology for precision subject tracking and AUTO modes
  • Identifies people, cats, dogs, birds, cars, bikes, trains and planes
  • Never miss a shot with 7.8/14/30fps burst and pre-release capture
  • Pixel-shift shooting increases resolution and reduces false colours 
  • Sensitive and accurate AF in light levels as low as EV-10 
  • Backlit autofocus helps achieve the perfect exposure
  • Subject detection (CV) available for manual focusing
  • High-quality 4K 30P recording oversampled from 6K readout
  • 4K 60P or Full HD 120p recording for slow motion shots
  • 8-bit and 10-bit recording with support for SDR, HLG and N-Log
  • Touch control with assignable functions for flexible operation
  • Vari-angle screen for shooting from any angle or position
  • Dust- and drip-resistant performance in line with Z-series models

Nikon Zf conclusions

Overall, the Nikon Zf offers a fantastic, retro styling camera which gives you all the benefits of the Z system and the Nikon lens line-up. It looks smaller and paired with a vintage styled lens, will be a fabulous camera to take travelling. The 4k video, with oversampled 6k footage will be smooth and very sharp.

The menus are touch controlled as you’d expect these days, and it’s dust and drip resistance will help with any trips that include adverse conditions.

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Nikon Zf
Nikon Zf