Here’s the latest news and rumors about the Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2s cameras. Everyone is waiting for the Fujifilm X-H2 release date, price and specs, and it’s getting closer now. The release date of this much awaited camera will be announced finally on May 31st. It seems that the Fujifilm X-H2 rumors keep coming and now we’ve got some proper leaked photos. Until now it’s all been just speculation and i put out a video a few weeks ago talking about how i was a little worried about what Fujifilm could do because it looked for me like all the signs that they were heading towards a much more DSLR looking camera to compete head to head with Sony and canon and Nikon.

Whilst many of you might love that and great you enjoy that that’s just not for me. I left Canon and Sony because i love this more retro style like you get here on the GFX-50R you know Fujifilm offer that beautiful styling and i kind of feel like that’s where they’re where they do well and they should stick to that because that’s really what draws us to it. These pictures have emerged and if you look now at the pictures you will see that bottom right picture it looks quite thick and there’s no drive dial at the top on the left and that dial I think I think that will be a PASM dial, which will really be disappointing.

PSAM is program aperture shutter manual that’s what you get on canons and cameras like that well i don’t really think they should be on Fujifilm cameras um there’s no drive down on the right or no dial on the right it looks like and so that to me looks like it’s probably a screen um a bit like on the xh when they’ve got that small screen and you know that’s great but for me there you’ve lost all of that beautiful styling at the top.

It looks a bit like a brick if you ask me I don’t want to be too negative about it but i kind of feel like my worries are actually being realized um now as well as these pictures and they’re not very great resolution pictures so i imagine they’ve been taking off of a a video or something i’m sure someone i’m sure many people now are making videos and making um you know the first release vlogs um to talk about the camera so maybe someone’s leaked a picture or three or four.

There are two cameras so fuji fuji rumors have put all this information out and they are saying there are two cameras coming one of them is the X-H2 and one of them is the X-H2s so one of them is going to be stills focused and one of them is more video centric okay now the X-H2s which is more video is going to have a  megapixel stacked sensor now the advantage is to this it won’t be an x-trans sensor I doubt because it will be on this new stack sensor so i don’t know what sensor will be in that one.

The advantages of the stack sensor obviously is much faster autofocus it will track beautifully i’m probably more like the Sony’s and the canons it will have reduced rolling shutter faster readout reduced lag you know so many things that are much better it reads data much quicker so it’s a much better sensor so it’s going to be really well suited to video it looks like it’s going to have a d-pad which is good i like d-pads um the joystick like the X-T4 but maybe a little bit higher so that’s all good.

It’s going to be basically 26 megapixels and extremely good at video and it’ll probably be good for photos now the other camera is the X-H2 now this looks like it’s going to be released a bit later and this one is stills focused so it’s going to have it looks like a  megapixel sensor that’s going to be pretty amazing um rumors say it’s going to be an x-trans sensor still I will find out i think if it is an x-trans sensor maybe it’s going to be the x-trans who knows megapixels is a lot to get out of an APSC sensor so yeah we’ll see how good that is.

It looks like it’s going to have 8k video from the rumors the X-H2 looks like it’s going to have 4k video but possibly maybe a cropped k raw um we’ll see on may the but the X-H2 looks like it’s going to have 8k and megapixels so we’ll see I mean that it looks like the rumors say it looks like it’s going to be around about two and a half thousand dollars maybe just a bit under that um we’ll find out um it’s quite a good price for that type of camera.

So, from my point of view and really at the moment we are just still looking at rumors but the rumors seem to be being backed up by photos from my point of view i’m a bit disappointed because I feel like fujifilm are going down this hybrid and I guess it is called the X-H2 it probably stands for hybrid um but it’s going down this hybrid route of you know competing head to head with the the big players the Canons and the Sonys and i kind of feel like just don’t need to do that just stick with this beautiful retro style um but as long as i guess as long as i keep the X-T range which is the more dslr looking.

However, with all the beautiful dials on the top um that kind of camera or the x pro range which obviously is a more range finder style like this which I absolutely love as long as i keep those two ranges going i guess they can have a middle range which which kind of goes head-to-head with those other brands so i can see why they’re doing it um but i can’t see myself buying one um i just love this other style and so you know we’ll see.

We’ll wait and see what happens um it looks like the flippy, fully articulated screen is here to stay which is on the X-T4 it is very useful for video um so yeah you know that’s good news um but yeah let’s wait and see what happens but our rumors and our leaks looks like they’re getting more and more concrete and yeah what we thought is coming looks like it is so stay tuned come back soon and we’ll have more information.

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