Fujifilm X-T4 real world review

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So, here we are again and i am wanting to think a little bit about the Fujifilm X-T4. This is a short review of the Fujifilm X-T4, which you can purchase used for reasonable prices now that it’s been out for a while. If you are currently using a DSLR you’re thinking, ‘ah can I go over from the DSLR to this mirrorless system’ and wondering if it will perform for you, asking ‘is it professional’? or does it have that kind of thing that it needs to last and to perform and to work in the professional environment – I would say YES!

The Fujifilm X-T4 is a great camera. I took my Xt4 to Iceland and to the Scottish Isle of St Kilda and there were times when I was shooting stills and then I’m thinking, ‘ah i want to quickly get to video mode’ It’s then that you realise the brilliance of this camera, as you can just switch with one click on the dial and it give you a stills menu or a video menu – dedicated for that purpose. That saves you a lot of hassle as your settings are saved with that dial setting.

For someone like me who does a lot of hiking and who’s shooting landscapes for stills and then making YouTube videos, wanting to switch between stills and movies is an absolute essential part of my workflow. I was really really impressed with the speed in which you can change so it is a true hybrid. I would say it’s just as good at stills as it is for video, so you can really shoot both and feel content that both areas are covered.

The other thing I was really keen to kind of try out while i was away is the IBIS, or image stabilization. The Fujifilm X-T4 camera’s got about six stops of image stabilization. I’ve been shooting with the Fujifilm XF18-55 lens which has got the OIS, which also has another four stops of image stabilization. Now, i don’t know if the two combined together to make 10 stops, but the point is i’ve got incredible image stabilization built in to this set up, and that has been an absolute deal breaker.

When I’m hiking in Iceland and the edges of Scotland where you’ve got these massive gales going on and so often you know the weather just catches you out you can’t use a tripod so then you’ll start thinking what do I do? Should I boost my iso but then you might get noise on you image. That’s when the image stabilization shows up! i was standing there in high wind with the polarizing filter on a beach and all i had to do was literally shoot hand held down at a tenth of a second and I shot a totally pin sharp image. For a  landscape photographer that is mind-blowing to be able to shoot at such slow shutter speeds without a tripod.

I want to say if you are currently within a DSLR setup, or even just using another Fujifilm camera and you’re looking at the X-T4 trying to decide if it’s really worth the extra money, i’d say yes yes yes. Now, if you can’t afford the X-T4 you’re thinking that it’s a bit high in your budget, you could look at the Fujifilm X-H1 because the Fujifilm X-H1 has got the last X-trans 3 sensor and also image stabilization, but is cheaper to purchase.

The Fujifilm X-T4 is weather sealed, which is brilliant for me especially when i was in that snowstorm and trying to get through that and when I’m on the beach and getting pounded with the wind the salt water all those things you know it just makes a big difference and then you’ve got a camera which is able to cope with that it gives you peace of mind.

The Fujifilm X-T4 has a fully articulating screen, which some people love and others really hate. All I will say is that it’s very useful for video when you need to see yourself in front of the camera.

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  1. Rob Smith

    A great overview about the possibility’s and quality off the X-T4. I bought it after hiring the camera for a few weeks. From the moment I used it I was surprised about the good feel and the supersharp images in even low light settings. In combination with my 35mm F2.0 and the 80mm F/.8 macro it is stunning. It is a compact camera, build as a tank and flexible for use in different circumstances. Many times I need no tripod because the IBIS is a great feature. So you can work fast in street- and concertphotography. So the X-T4 Is my favorit camera, always with me in my backpack!

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